Mizuki Fujisaki – Main Story Review

Image(That’s definitely a pick up line I’ve never heard before.  I’ve got to try this one out for myself sometime.)

Basic Story Premise: You have chosen Mizuki to be your bodyguard after the events of the prologue.  Surprisingly, it doesn’t take long for the culprits behind your threats to be caught.  Just as you’ve gotten used to the idea of having a bodyguard and become friends with the enigmatic Mizuki, suddenly you’re told that you don’t need bodyguards anymore.  You return back to your normal life and routines, a little sadder than before because you miss Mizuki’s comparing you to exotic animals presence.  But don’t worry, because Voltage throws him back into your life (we don’t want a story that ends after 4 chapters, right?) with the excuse that Katsuragi agreed to let Mizuki shadow you for just a little bit longer until they can be sure there are no further threats.  Good thing too, since you are attacked by the green KKK members of a religious sect.  What happens when Mizuki starts breaking a few rules in order to protect you?  And why do these men want to capture you so badly?

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