Tamotsu Goda – Main Story Review

2013-08-11 23.34.39(Yeah! And after that we can jump on the bed and have a pillow fight and… Hold on.  Say, what??)

Basic Story Premise: It’s been 3 months since you’ve been transferred to New Business.  Your team has already finished one project and are ready to start another.  When you are overwhelmed by your latest responsibilities and worried about letting down the team, your boss, Mr. Goda, is there to support you.  When the other members of your team start to sing Mr. Goda’s praises, you become fascinated with your boss.  However, your coworkers share some interesting gossip about Mr. Goda with you: that he’s divorced, has a child, and is currently dating a much younger woman.  As you balance the responsibilities of your latest assignment, will you be able to keep your relationship with Mr. Goda strictly professional?  And although you don’t want to pay heed to office gossip, you can’t help but wonder: who is the young woman you see him with on your day off…

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Shingo Kai – Main Story Review

Image(Well.  He sure knows how to a boost a girl’s self esteem.)

Basic Story Premise: As a member of the New Division, you are assigned the role of deputy lead to assist Shingo as he directs the team concerning a new project: merging with a smaller company and launching a new lingerie line.  With Shingo’s leadership, the project overcomes its first hurdles.  However, the office and company are thrown into a panic when confidential information about the project is leaked.  Who is responsible for the leak? Does New Division have a spy amongst its cubicles? And who is the beautiful girl you spot Shingo talking to from a rival company one night on your way home?

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Koji Nagumo – Main Story Review


Basic Story Premise: As members of the New Division, you and Koji are put in charge of a redesign for a brand your company is already promoting.  However, you immediately run into hurdles when the two of you realize that the Deputy CEO does not want to use the domestic factories that you have recommended.  Does the Deputy CEO have an ulterior motive for ignoring your recommendations? How will you and Koji handle these hurdles when your jobs are at stake?

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