Morgan – Sequel Review

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Basic Story Premise: Captain Morgan brings you along when he goes to Pirate Island for a Captains Meeting.  At the meeting, the other pirate captains inform Morgan that there are rumors of men who are calling themselves the Sirius Pirates and raiding towns and villages.  You, Morgan, and the Sirius crew immediately set off to capture the imposters.  When you and the crew confront the imposters, you are met by a masked man who is determined to kill Captain Morgan.  The situation only becomes more complicated when you realize that there is a deeper conspiracy at play: someone is working with the Navy to try to take the title of the Pirate King.  How will the Sirius pirates overcome this new set of enemies?  Will the two of you be the next casualties of the Tragedy of the Pirate King, the legend that states that Pirate Kings who fall in love will meet their demise soon after?

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Morgan – Sequel Walkthrough

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After having this walkthrough sitting around my desk for awhile, I’ve finally finished it.  *pats self on back*  In case you need help reaching Morgan’s Super Happy Ending, you can use this walkthrough as a guide.  If you want a more detailed review with screenshots, some spoilers, and the CGs, click here instead.  Enjoy.   Continue reading

Eduardo – Second Sequel Review

2013-07-29 19.50.08(Wait… When did you grow out your hair?)

Basic Story Premise: After spending the last two years as the King and Queen of Uru, you and Eduardo return to Sirius. Eduardo is still feeling conflicted about his future: does he want to stay on the SIrius or does he want to return to being King again of Uru? Together with the crew of Sirius, you voyage to your homeland of Yamato so that you can introduce Eduardo to your family, but once you arrive you run into trouble. Your visit home basically goes down like this: “Oh, hi, MC! I’m so glad you have finally returned home. Now stand still so we can put some handcuffs on you.”

…Why has the King of Yamato ordered your capture? And what will it take for him to agree to release you and the rest of the crew?

Review with spoilers, screenshots, and CGs after the cut. If you just want a walkthrough, move over here.

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Eduardo – Second Sequel Walkthrough


Voltage has just released Eduardo’s Second Sequel.  And he’s sporting a new… hairstyle???  Hmm.  There are 10 total chapters (and all chapters offer choices).  The last half of the 10th chapter will vary depending on your choices.

Here’s a walkthrough for the Super Happy Ending. If you want to read more of my review (with some spoilers, CGs, screenshots) jump over here instead.   Continue reading