My Reviews

Hi, there! If you’ve made it here, hopefully you’ve already taken a look at some of my reviews. I just wanted to create this page to explain my review structure and process.

First of all… I feel your pain. Voltage stories are not cheap. I wish they were, but they are not. However, I understand why they cost as much as they do, and I appreciate the work Voltage puts into their apps. Which is why I don’t mind spending money on their apps, and I try to encourage others to do the same.

So okay. You’re ready to buy some stories. …But now you’re wondering, which ones should you buy? And will they be worth it?

Well, that’s why I write my reviews. To help you make an informed decision because the information Voltage gives you is very scant.

Here’s how they work:

Basic Story Premise: I include a general overview of the storyline with as little spoilers as possible.

Character Name: Here I do my best to describe what the love interest is like. You may prefer someone funny and awkward while someone else will prefer to romance a womanizer and etc. As I describe the character, you can decide if he is the type you are interested in.

My Opinion: I usually reveal more information about the story overall. I try to point out elements that are unique to the story I am reviewing (how funny the story is, new characters, interplay between side characters, etc.) I also include screenshots to help you get a better feel for the story. In addition, I point out flaws if I feel like the flaws hurt/weakened the story or characters. I try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but some spoiling is usually unavoidable.

The Endings: I also include a general outline of what happens in the endings so that you can get a feel for how the different endings compare and contrast with each other. If you want to get all the cute, lovey dovey details of the endings, you still need to buy the story and check it out for yourself. Or look it up on youtube.

And that’s it! Hope you find these useful!

Side note: Some of my older posts do not follow this format. I am working on updating those posts when I get a chance.
~Diora Leigh


2 thoughts on “My Reviews

  1. hi…. could you please please do a review and CG’s on substory on dreamy days in west tokyo for ichigo pleaseeeeeeee

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