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Page Last Updated: March 29, 2015

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since my previous update.  At this point, I’ve decided to wipe the slate clean and start fresh.  If you have a request for a particular review, please feel free to leave me one.  I will do my best to accommodate you!  Or even better, recommend me to one of your favorite stories that I haven’t reviewed yet!  Voltage has added a lot of content, and I’m not sure which stories I should check out!

Thanks for being patient!

Diora Leigh


To Do List: 

  • nothing yet!

62 thoughts on “On My To-Do List

    • I do review sequels. And I haven’t reviewed any substories but I have a few on my list that I have been wanting to review. Do you have any sequels/substories you would like me to review?

  1. Did you play Ren’s season 2 main story?
    I’ve never been a baby-lover -__________- so I got discouraged when all the MFW season 2 involved with kids and babies //cries (but I like Kyochi’s story)… I am curious about Ren’s season 2 though may you do a review if you can?
    Thanks 😀

  2. Hello! I was wondering if you could do Tsubasa’s Main story from 10 days with my devil? The first episode doesn’t really give much information, and I want to know if its a good story before I buy it XD

  3. I would love it if you did a top 5 (or 10) list of your favorite stories! There are so many that sometimes I don’t know what to choose!

  4. Hey, I was wondering if you posted the original BMP substories? If so, there’s this one I was thinking about purchasing. It’s called, “the alliance”, and apparently it’s about 3 of the princes accidentally switching bodies. I’m a little hesitant to get it, so a review from some one like you would be much appreciated!

  5. Also, I’ve been curious about some of these cross-overs we keep hearing about. If you can, could you compile a list of them for me and/or review them. Thx, even if you can’t do this.

  6. Your reviews are fun to read! This isn’t a request…..err,maybe it is? but I’d be reaaalllllly happy if you rated your reviews. Other than that thank you for your hard work! I look forward to ota’s main story review. (He’s my favourite out of the 5)

  7. This is great, just so you know (though you probably already know), but have you done Yamato from My Forged Wedding? He’s the main one, so I’m surprised I can’t find it. If you have done it, pretend I don’t exist. Cos that’s embarassing, but if you haven’t done it yet, please! Oh, and I can only find Saeki’s walkthrough. Have you done a review for his main story route? Oh, and what do you think of the boys POVs for Kissed by the Baddest bidder. It’d be good to get a review of that. This is just really hilarious and entertaining and interesting to read, so I want to read all of them. Sorry ☺️

    • That was long! LOL 😀 hmm no I haven’t done Yamato from My Forged Wedding.Saeki? Remind me who that is again? Sorry , I’ve had my exams just recently and almost everything about otome romance went SWOOSH outta my mind. Have I done reviews? No I haven’t ,I’ve thought about starting with Kissed by the Baddest Bidder but had trouble using wordpress (new user…so yeah~)
      can’t seem to work out input screenshots~~~ahh well besides that POVs for Kissed by the Baddest bidder are soooo cute! When I think about the main character’s point of view and compare it with the POVs of the guys I get all giggly XD .GOD I feel like such a pervert getting like that but it was fun nevertheless. Just thinking about you doing a review on that would be awesome!!!!——Ahh! now my reply is so freakishly long!Sorry! Hope you don’t get bored reading half-way! Oh and I almost forgot! Thanks for replying 😀 Hope to hear more from you 🙂

    • OMG I am sooooo sorry! I though you were replying to my message! I ticked the box in the bottom thinking that it would notify me if anyone replied to my message! I am so sorry! I also thought you were Diora! Awww so embarassing! Your icon looked like her’s sorry! sucks being a new user! EM GANNA HIDE IN MA HOLE NOW!!! SORRY!!!

  8. Hey there, I just began reading some of your reviews, recently. It is helpful and lets me better decide whether or not I actually want to pay for a story. It is enjoyable to read about what you think – could you create reviews for the Nanahoshi brothers from “True Love, Sweet Lies” and the routes for Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio – when the English version of “I Fell in Love With The Star Prince” comes out in 2015? 😀

  9. Could u do a review of akiyoshi zaizen proposal? I want to buy it. Not sure how it goes. I don’t want to waste my money on stuff that aren’t any use. But I read every of his season 1 and his PoV was so cute! So….please?

  10. hi Diora, I’ve finally had a chance to buy an otome story but I have to choose only one story. I like the bossy, teasing, mean and cruel type like eisuke in kissed by the baddest bidder ( But I’ve already read it since my freind purchased it before) so I have to choose another character. Could you please help me 😦

    • Hi, there! Have you chosen a story yet? What do you think of the story premise of 10 days with my devil? Kakeru has the same profile as Eisuke. If he is not your style (check out the story prologue and my review on him), let me know and I will see who else I can think of for you! 🙂

  11. Hey your blog is really helpful! But I noticed you had two for the our two bedroom story and I was thinking doing the growler dude but I don’t want to pay for it and then have to wait like an hour every time you finish a chapter or something. And I saw you played the other characters. If you could add in your blog the games you have to pay for if you a wait time to them that be cool lol just cause I tried to look it up and couldn’t find anything :/ but your blogs are awesome thanks for doing them!!

    • Hi Diora!I just wanted to say thank you for your routes!I hope you’ll keep write them for us.I have no opportunity even to play otome gamez,heeeh…

  12. I’m actually surprised to not see reviews for any of the characters from My Wedding and 7 Rings. I would really like to read a review of the characters from MWa7R, True Love Sweet Lies, more reviews from OTBS (preferably Akiyoshi and Shusei), and Kiss Me on Clover Hill. Whichever characters you’re interested in. I played most of them and enjoyed them all but I’d love to know your thoughts.

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