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So who has read Otomate’s Hakuoki?  For those of you who are unfamiliar, it’s a story that’s been around for a long time (and even spawned anime because of its popularity!).

It was ported over to the App Store earlier this year, and I’ve finally gotten to read some of it.  And, I definitely have to say that I’m impressed!  (Although my bank account was definitely not impressed because the premium edition costs almost $30 US dollars.)

So for those who have read it:

  • What do you think of the story?
  • Who are your favorite characters?
  • Should I write up a review?
  • How do we get Otomate to release more English titles? (Wishful thinking, I know.)

And for those who haven’t read it (yet):

  • Go check it out!  The App store has a non-premium edition which lets you pick and choose who/which stories you want to purchase so you can spend less than $30 US dollars.
  • Should I write up a review?

And here’s a CG with a couple of the other characters so you can get a taste.

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