Seiji Goto – Main Story 2 Review

2015-05-27 21.23.21(What, are you sure?  I think you’d look pretty good in a cape…)

Basic Story Premise: You struggle to hide your feelings for Goto while being his aide.  However, it becomes more and more difficult when the two of you are paired to go on a real mission as a bodyguard for a political figure.  What happens when your mission takes a dangerous turn, and the gentle Goto you’ve gotten to know suddenly shuts down and turns cold?  Could it be related to his mysterious past?  Will you be able to break through to this new Goto before someone gets hurt in the line of duty?

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Subaru Ichiyanagi – Sequel Review


Basic Story Premise: Gunshots ring out during a party you attend for your father.  Which means –yep, you guessed it– your life is in danger.  Again.  Luckily, Subaru, your stylist fiancee, is around to protect you.  However, things are about to become complicated when it turns out there may be a leak within the police force.  Who is responsible for the new threat to your life?  And how will Subaru’s possible upcoming promotion affect his role as your special bodyguard?

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Sora Hirosue – Main Story Review

Image(Oh… whoops. What was I thinking…)

Basic Story Premise: You’ve chosen Sora as your bodyguard. However, before the two of you even leave the Prime Minister’s residence, he starts receiving calls. From women. It doesn’t take you long to realize how popular he is with women. However, he assures you that he will be a professional and treat you like a client. Will Sora stop talking to his many girlfriends long enough to protect you? And why does it bother you when he flirts with other girls? And what’s with Voltage’s obsession with panties in this story?

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Mizuki Fujisaki – Main Story Review

Image(That’s definitely a pick up line I’ve never heard before.  I’ve got to try this one out for myself sometime.)

Basic Story Premise: You have chosen Mizuki to be your bodyguard after the events of the prologue.  Surprisingly, it doesn’t take long for the culprits behind your threats to be caught.  Just as you’ve gotten used to the idea of having a bodyguard and become friends with the enigmatic Mizuki, suddenly you’re told that you don’t need bodyguards anymore.  You return back to your normal life and routines, a little sadder than before because you miss Mizuki’s comparing you to exotic animals presence.  But don’t worry, because Voltage throws him back into your life (we don’t want a story that ends after 4 chapters, right?) with the excuse that Katsuragi agreed to let Mizuki shadow you for just a little bit longer until they can be sure there are no further threats.  Good thing too, since you are attacked by the green KKK members of a religious sect.  What happens when Mizuki starts breaking a few rules in order to protect you?  And why do these men want to capture you so badly?

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My Sweet Bodyguard – The Prologue (Non-Gree)

Image(Love this Screencap.  I believe it comes from Katsuragi’s story.)

Story Premise

A new Prime Minister has just been announced when you get accosted by a man wielding a gun in the street.  Luckily, your prince in shining armor some strange girl arm wrestles with the man until he gives up and runs away (Sora’s arm wrestling skills > a gun).  Before you know it, you are hustled into a helicopter by a random cute guy – Subaru.  Once in the helicopter, he tries to boss you around until you slap him.   You end up slapping him so silly that he responds by hugging you.  (I’ve got to learn this trick.  Usually, when I slap someone, it pisses them off.)  A second guy – Mizuki – on the helicopter offers you some chocolate and hums a song in an effort to calm you during the rest of the ride.

Once you land, you meet the man in charge – Katsuragi – and reunite with a childhood friend bully – Kaiji.  You are finally informed of the fact that you are the new Prime Minister’s daughter, and your life is in danger.  You must choose a bodyguard to protect you until you are no longer threatened.

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