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So who has read Otomate’s Hakuoki?  For those of you who are unfamiliar, it’s a story that’s been around for a long time (and even spawned anime because of its popularity!).

It was ported over to the App Store earlier this year, and I’ve finally gotten to read some of it.  And, I definitely have to say that I’m impressed!  (Although my bank account was definitely not impressed because the premium edition costs almost $30 US dollars.)

So for those who have read it:

  • What do you think of the story?
  • Who are your favorite characters?
  • Should I write up a review?
  • How do we get Otomate to release more English titles? (Wishful thinking, I know.)

And for those who haven’t read it (yet):

  • Go check it out!  The App store has a non-premium edition which lets you pick and choose who/which stories you want to purchase so you can spend less than $30 US dollars.
  • Should I write up a review?

And here’s a CG with a couple of the other characters so you can get a taste.

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Scarlet Fate – Gentoka Review

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Basic Story Premise: You are Princess Tamayori, a maiden who is responsible for sealing and guarding a powerful sword that has the power to bring about the End of the World.  As Princess Tamayori, you have always known that your life is not your own: you live and will die by the sword.  But your quiet existence in a small hidden village is threatened by forces who want to take and use your sword for evil.  While on your quest for the sword, you find yourself falling in love with the mysterious but gentle fox god with a tragic past.  And even though you know that your only purpose in life is to be the guardian of the sword, you slowly start to yearn for a more normal life… a life you can share with Gentoka.  Will you be able to successfully guard the sword and prevent the end of the world? What will happen with the ghosts of Gentoka’s tragic past return?  Will someone have to make the ultimate sacrifice?

I decided to venture back into the realm of NTT Solmare.  I’ve tried them before, many months ago, when they basically only had the ninja type apps.  I’m not a huge fan of their some of their art style, and I wasn’t sure if I would like their story telling.  As a result, I’ve stayed away from their paid apps until now (and I don’t have the patience for their free apps either!).  When I read the free prologue for Scarlet Fate and saw the art, I knew I finally found an NTT Solmare app that I was going to spend my money on.  Have you already tried this one?  Did you go with Gentoka or with someone else?  Please feel free to share your experiences with me; I would love to hear them!

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.   Continue reading

Oda Nobunaga – Budding Hearts Main Story Review

2015-06-04 23.05.20(Oh…uhm… Thanks for your generosity?  I guess I won’t have to worry about every being fired as a servant with people like you around.)

Basic Story Premise: Your old life as a simple farm girl becomes uprooted when Lord Nobunaga suggests that you become a servant at his grand castle.  Working at the castle is a new adventure, and you adapt to your new role while also finding time to become acquainted with Lord Nobunaga.  However, not everyone approves of your potential relationship with Nobunaga, and you find yourself victim to petty pranks and jealous rumors.  You can’t help but believe you are overstepping your role; after all, you are a mere peasant while Nobunaga is the ruler of the country.  Maybe the others are right: you are merely a hindrance to Nobunaga who is striving hard to unify the country.  Will you choose to stick by Nobunaga?  Or is that just selfishness?  Perhaps the best choice is to just let him go…

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.  No walk-through because both endings are available to read after you finish the story once.

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Seiji Goto – Main Story 2 Review

2015-05-27 21.23.21(What, are you sure?  I think you’d look pretty good in a cape…)

Basic Story Premise: You struggle to hide your feelings for Goto while being his aide.  However, it becomes more and more difficult when the two of you are paired to go on a real mission as a bodyguard for a political figure.  What happens when your mission takes a dangerous turn, and the gentle Goto you’ve gotten to know suddenly shuts down and turns cold?  Could it be related to his mysterious past?  Will you be able to break through to this new Goto before someone gets hurt in the line of duty?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.   Continue reading

Seiji Goto – Main Story 1 Review

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Basic Story Premise: You’ve made your way to an elite police academy, and you’re determined to become a good detective.  Your first few weeks prove extremely difficult: you fail miserably during most of  your academy exercises and start to doubt that you have what it takes.  Luckily, you are somehow paired with Goto and serve as his aide as you progress through your education.  Although he doesn’t say much, the few words he does share with you give you the motivation you need to struggle through.  (He also spends a lot of his time in his office without clothes on changing his shirt.  And if seeing a half-naked Goto isn’t motivating, I’m not sure what is.)  As you continue your training, you also try your best to help Goto with a difficult case he’s on.  But what happens when the bad guys kidnap the Chief, and you find yourself thrust right into the middle of a dangerous situation?  Have you learned enough skills to survive… and will Goto be able to help you before it’s too late?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.   Continue reading

Kyohei Rikudoh – Main Story Review

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Basic Story Premise: You’ve relucatantly agreed to being Revance’s ghostwriter.  And to top it off, Kyohei wants you to write a “sexy” song for their upcoming 10 year anniversary.  As you trudge along trying to figure out how to put some sexy lyrics together, someone from Kyohei’s past shows up and offers to take over as Revance’s producer.  Kyohei tells him no, but what will happen when that man decides to use you to try to get what he wants?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.   Continue reading